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When I am asked "Why should I hire you?", my answer is straight forward: I work all the time and I love what I do. I have 30 years of experience in and out of the court room and I am Board certified as a specialist. Law firms from across the country hire me to work with them on their cases and maximize the results for their clients. I have "Av" rating from Martindale Hubbell, and a "10- Superb" rating from the company AVVO.  Read more...

A historical landmark

631 Woodland Street, "The Pearl of Woodland Street" is a pre-civil war brick structure on the National Historic Register. It has withstood the Nashville equivalent of the "Chicago Fire" in 1916 and a tornado in 1998. When first built prior to the civil war the building was a private residence, but was converted to a private girls school to serve the wealthy neighborhood across the river from downtown Nashville, "Edgefield". Since 1987 "The Pearl of Woodland Street" has been carefully cared for by Phillip Miller. New stained glass windows, imported crystal chandeliers, architectural shingles, Victorian era trim, CAT-5 wiring, WIFI, and now a 5KW solar array on the roof have made this space not just elegant, but functional for a modern law office.

A hawk called justice

One of the surprising pleasures of working in a historic neighborhood is the wildlife we see. Hawks populated this side of the river before John Donelson and James Robertson brought the first settlers into the area in 1779. We are fortunate to have a number of large trees in the area (just like there were in the 1700's) - perfect for hawks who need places to look for prey. We are always happy to see our resident hawk "Justice". He's a big, proud bird.

Mensa Member

Mensa is an organization of people who have a high IQ; one that puts them in the top 2% of the population. It is good to be smart, and that’s certainly true if you are an attorney. There are lots of “smart” attorneys. Unfortunately, many of them may not be a person you want to be around. Being a great attorney is about more than just being smart. You have to have heart. You have to have an interest in people. When an attorney is smart, has heart, likes his/her clients, and loves to work it’s an almost unbeatable combination. Click here for more info.

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