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Intersection Accidents

Many car crashes in Tennessee are caused by drivers who disregard red lights and stop signs at intersections. As many as 10,000 people die nationwide in intersection collisions, which comprise approximately 45 percent of all motor vehicle accidents.

Some of the most frequent causes of Tennessee intersection collisions include

  • Running  a stop sign or red light
  • Making  a right turn at a red light without first coming to a full stop
  • Turning right  at a red light where right turns are prohibited by a posted sign
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way

Tennessee’s Rules of the Road recommends that drivers approaching an intersection use a technique they call “Traffic Checks” — making a deliberate effort to look carefully and often for traffic approaching from all directions.

Pedestrian Accidents at Intersections

In addition to causing vehicle-on-vehicle collisions, intersection accidents are the site of many pedestrian accidents.

Situations that result in pedestrian injuries at intersections include

  • Drivers disregarding yield signs, stop signs, and red lights
  • Turning vehicles, especially those making left turns
  • Drivers  not yielding  to pedestrians when turning right on red

Driver Negligence

Drivers are responsible for obeying traffic signs and signals and for remaining alert to the safety of other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. If you were injured or a family member was killed by a driver’s negligence, you’re entitled to make a claim for monetary compensation for your damages. This is best accomplished by hiring a Tennessee board-certified personal injury/wrongful death lawyer to represent you.

Although there is nothing in the law in Tennessee preventing you from negotiating directly with the other driver’s insurance company, this is rarely in your best interest.  Insurance companies are profit-driven, and their goal is always to minimize the amount they pay out on a case. Adjusters will often tell you don’t need a lawyer, but what they don’t say is that you usually can expect to get a larger settlement with skilled legal representation.

Board-Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer in Nashville

Your best option is to select a lawyer who accepts only personal injury and wrongful death cases. You should avoid law firms that advertise aggressively, as this may be a sign that they are “settlement mills,” which take in a large volume of cases and settle them for whatever they can get without investing too much time in them.  These law firms make their money on quantity, not quality.

Phillip Miller is a board certified personal injury lawyer in Nashville with thirty years of experience in helping victims of auto accidents in Tennessee.  He limits the number of cases he accepts in his client-centered practice so he will be able to give each case the attention it deserves. His AVVO and Martindale-Hubbell rankings are the highest possible, and he has earned the esteem of clients and colleagues alike.

Phillip and his associates will handle the insurance company for you. They will investigate your accident, and when necessary, engage accident reconstruction experts to prove that the other driver was at fault, and will assemble proof of your economic and non-economic damages. Miller Law can often negotiate an out-of court settlement, but will never hesitate to take your case to a jury, if that’s what is required to get you adequate compensation.

If you’ve lost a family member or suffered a serious injury in a Nashville car crash, call Miller & Associates for a free consultation. Time limits apply, so call today.  We take cases on a contingency fee basis; that means until we win money for you, you pay nothing.

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