Nashville Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Nashville Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

We take so many of the things we do every day for granted: a good stretch before hopping out of bed in the morning, a trip to the bathroom, a warm shower, hugging a child, or tossing a ball to a dog.  But if you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle accident, these daily activities may be no more than precious memories.

Types of Injuries

Spinal cord injuries deprive their victims of many of the most basic life functions. Depending on the part of the spine damaged, you will usually be left either with paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Paraplegia is loss of sensation and function in the lower limbs—everything below the point where the damage occurred.  Quadriplegia is when the injury is to the upper part of the spine, causing paralysis of arms and legs.  In addition, because the diaphragm is also often affected, a person with quadriplegia often needs to use a ventilator to assist with breathing.

If you’ve sustained a spinal cord injury, you’ll probably require a lifetime of personal assistance, medical care, and special adaptive devices. You may never be able to return to work, and your lifetime earning potential may be dramatically decreased.  Spinal cord injury accidents cause immeasurable amounts of psychological trauma and emotional anguish. Your expenses for medical care, physical therapy, day-to-day assistance, adapting your home and car to accommodate your disability, and counseling top help you adjust to the psychological upheaval caused by your injury can be staggering.

Around 12,000 Americans are paralyzed by spinal cord injuries every year, many of these in motor vehicle accidents caused by another person’s negligent driving.

Spinal Cord Injury Damages

You’ll need a lot of help adjusting to the realities of your condition and re-creating a life that accommodates your disability. It’s important that you hire a personal injury lawyer with plenty of experience working up claims in high-stakes injury cases, because getting enough money to cover your lifetime needs is essential, for you and your family. You are entitled to recover both economic and non-economic losses.

Economic damages that often stem from spinal cord injuries include

  • Medical expenses
  • Cost of working with physical and occupational therapists and mental health counselors
  • Lost wages and future earning capability
  • Cost of medical and mobility devices: wheelchair, braces, ventilator, catheters, ostomy supplies, etc.
  • Expense of remodeling your home, for example installing wheelchair ramps and lifts, widening doorframes, lowering counters, etc.
  • Cost of transportation and/or childcare for medical/therapy appointments
  • Cost of equipping  a vehicle with a lift or hand controls
  • Cost of a regular home health aide
  • Typical non-economic damages may include
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional disturbance, mental anguish, and psychological trauma
  • Loss of mobility
  • Loss of the ability to enjoy life
  • Loss of sexual function
  • Relationship problems

Experienced Spinal Cord Attorney in Nashville

Because of the complexities involved, spinal cord injury lawsuits should only be handled by attorneys experienced in catastrophic losses.

When you retain the law office of Phillip Miller to represent you, we will start an investigation immediately to determine any parties that are potentially liable for the accident. We’ll call on appropriate experts –for example accident reconstruction experts and medical and psychological specialists–to prove your claim. We’ll obtain witness interviews, police reports, employment records, and other documentation needed to prove liability and damages, and we’ll fight tirelessly to obtain a recovery that will allow your life to go on.

Call for a free case consultation. We accept cases on contingency, so you don’t pay unless we win money for you.

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