Could 2018 Ford Recall Have Played A Roll In Your Client’s Vehicle Collision?

Was Ford The Cause Of Your Clients Injuries?














Did 2018 Ford Recall Lead To Your Client’s Injuries?

Do you, a family member or friend drive, or have clients who have been injured in an accident involving a 2018 Ford F-150 pickup truck or a 2018 Ford Expedition? How about a 2015-17 Ford Transit Van? I advise you to read this piece about important Ford recalls.

It seems like every other week lately we are seeing major safety recalls from automobile manufacturers. Here’s the latest big deal: the Ford Motor Company has issued an automobile safety recall for 300,000 2018 Ford F-150 pickup trucks and Expedition SUVs because they might not stay in gear. Drivers are leaving their vehicles in Park, when they park, without engaging the parking break and they transmission jumps out of gear and the vehicle just rolls off. We all know that nothing good comes from a two ton van rolling to an inevitable crash.

The problem is two fold and has something to do with the gearshift cable and a clip that can come loose at any time. Part two of this automobile safety recall is the fact that the vehicles do not have a warning system to let the driver know the car is not in gear when the driver removes the keys and locks the doors. For specifics I suggest you contact The Ford Motor Company at 866-436-7332.

Keeping our focus on Ford, The Ford Motor Company has sent out a recall on 400,00 2015-2017 Transit Vans, one of its most popular commercial trucks. It appears that the driveshaft “flexible coupling” is cracking and could cause the driveshaft to separate.

A driveshaft separation from the transmission while in motion can cause massive damage to surrounding components such as the brake and fuel lines. And, if that’s not danger enough the commercial driver could loose control of the vehicle and cause a serious and possible fatal highway accident.

Think about it, a commercial truck driver is cruising along a busy city street or interstate highway and her driveshaft separates from the transmission and hits the highway, flies into pieces and damages the brake line and you are unable to bring the vehicle to a safe stop. Here you are, no brakes, no lower gear and, oh, did I mention that the driveshaft also severed the fuel line and as you begin slamming into the vehicle in front of and on the side of you are also adding a highly combustible fuel to the mix. This truly is a recipe for disaster.

This Ford recall warns commercial truck owners that if they continue to operate the vehicle the driveshaft may separate which could lead to a dangerous loss of “motive power” while driving and while parked the vehicle may unintentionally move when in the Park position.

The bad news is, there is no fix for this problem. That’s right, Ford doesn’t have a fix but expects one by late 2018. At the present time Ford claims that the cracking issue with the “flexible coupling” does not show signs of failure until the vehicle reaches 30,000 miles so the Recall suggests that a commercial truck with less than thirty thousand miles need take no extra steps until it reaches that mileage and then take it in and have it replaced.

For commercial trucks with more than thirty thousand miles they should be taken to an authorized dealer and have them replaced. When a permanent repair is available Ford has committed to notifying the owners so that they may schedule an appointment for the appropriate repair.

So, what can you and I, innocent road warriors do to protect our selves? The answer is to remain alert, don’t allow distractions to take your focus off of the road and the vehicles around you. Familiarize your self with this potentially dangerous commercial truck and take measures to keep plenty of space between you. If you know people who own businesses and use the Transit Vans covered by the Ford Recall, make sure you contact them and give them the URL for this Blog.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that more than 500,000 commercial trucks were involved in accidents in 2013, resulting in 5000 deaths and injuring more than 100,000 people. These figures represented a disturbing increase from the 3200 deaths reported in the several proceeding years.

For the best outcome in any legal case involving a commercial truck, it is important to consult an attorney who is thoroughly familiar with federal and state regulations, and who has the experience and resources to conduct an investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

When you need an attorney to represent you or a family member for injuries from a Tennessee commercial truck accident, I am experienced and qualified with thirty plus years of practice. I am a board-certified civil trial lawyer and thoroughly familiar with state and federal regulations governing commercial trucks.

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