The Miller Method – Effective Focus Groups On A Budget

Focus Groups: Why don’t lawyers do focus groups?


As a Trial Lawyer/Consultant, lecturer and author on this subject, I have heard all the reasons. They are too expensive; I know what my winning arguments are; I know my case; I don’t need to know what jurors think; I already know what jurors think. Really?

Unfortunately, this is the all-too-common mindset of many lawyers. In their experience, focus groups have been too expensive and have yielded results that were not particularly helpful (beyond telling you that your case stinks). We think differently.

When I say we, I am referring to my friend, co-author and colleague Paul Scoptur, trial lawyer and trial consultant who recently passed on; a fine man, a fine lawyer and a fine teacher.

In our 2016 book Focus Groups, Hitting The Bull’s-Eye we discuss and dismiss the myths about focus-group research and suggest approaches that get you the information you need without spending a fortune. Your comfort level with the process, economics and outcomes of focus groups will increase dramatically. Check out how to own your own copy of the book visit my web site.

If you would like to inquire about my Trial Consultant services, “The Miller Method”  you can call the Miller Law Offices in Nashville, Tennessee at 615-356-2000.

What others say about this book.

“This book carefully guides lawyers through the process of selecting and conducting their own focus groups on a variety of topics. Focus Groups: Hitting The Bull’s-Eye is a valuable pretrial tool to add to the cost-effective trial preparation of every case.”

Howard Nations, AAJ Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame Inductee

“This book is about much more than focus groups. It delivers the ‘uncommon sense’ and wisdom that all great trial lawyers eventually learn – every case must be about the jurors. How can you know before trial what jurors will find important? This book shatters the myths, corrects the misnomers, and sets out a practical approach to losing focus groups so that you win your case at trial.”

Joe Fried, founder of the Academy of Truck Accident Lawyers


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