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Motorcycle Accident Broken Bone Injury Lawsuits

Motorcycle accidents are always traumatic experiences for those involved and often result in severe injuries to the body. When a motorcycle accident occurs, the biker is almost always thrown from the bike and may sustain broken bones or fractures, which may be debilitating for months, years, and even life, greatly reducing the victim’s quality of life and ability to perform work and leisure activities.

Although many broken bone injuries are not life threatening, fractures of the skull, back, and pelvis may be fatal. Other fractures usually cause severe pain and require expensive medical care. In serious cases, bone fractures may require long term physical therapy, resulting in significant medical bills and time away from work.  Victims of motorcycle accidents caused by another driver are often entitled to compensation for medical expenses and loss of wages resulting from the injuries, along with the cost of rehabilitative services and various non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, disability, diminished quality of life, and others. If you have suffered from a motorcycle accident that resulted in a broken bone injury, contact the attorneys at Phillip Miller & Associates in Nashville  as soon as you can to protect your right to a settlement.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Contrary to the common misconception, the majority of motorcycle accidents are usually caused by negligent automobile drivers, rather than the motorcyclist. Accidents often occur because automobile drivers are distracted, inattentive, or reckless at the wheel and simply not aware of the motorcycle sharing the road. Many accidents are caused by other vehicles crossing the path of the motorcycle. In these cases, the driver of the automobile is almost always the responsible party. Other times, a dangerous roadway condition may be responsible for the accident.

Common Types of Broken Bone Injuries

The most common type of broken bone injuries are fractures in the arms, legs, ankles, collarbone, and facial fractures such as in the nose. Skull fractures, unfortunately, are not unusual in motorcycle accidents, and are very serious. Fractured vertebrae in the back are also serious injuries, especially when nerve damage is involved.

If you have sustained broken bones or fractures as a result of a negligent automobile driver or dangerous roadway condition, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. The Nashville personal injury attorneys at Phillip Miller & Associates are available to represent your interests and begin an investigation.  We will handle all dealings with the insurance company for the at-fault driver and gather evidence to prove both liability and damages. When necessary, we will call in traffic safety experts, accident reconstructionists, and medical professionals to help prove that the other driver was at fault and to show the extent of your damages.

Your best course of action to protect your right to compensation is to get Miller & Associates on board as soon as possible. Phillip Miller is a board-certified civil trial lawyer who consistently receives the highest ratings from Martindale -Hubbell, AVVO, and SuperLawyers.  Miller & Associates is a client-centered law practice where your lawyer will keep you informed throughout the legal process and involve you in the decision-making process.  Ideally, we try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement, but we are always willing to take a case to a jury if that’s what is necessary to get you the recovery you need and deserve.

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