Nashville Attorney Warns About The Market For Flood-Damaged Vehicles

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We’ve all seen the video of the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. Homes, even entire neighborhoods are completely destroyed. The streets and highways are littered with flood-damaged vehicles. As recovery begins there is so much to do, clear the roads, restore electric and clean water, recover the dead, so much indeed.

Another thing that one might not consider at this time is the nefarious businesses that intend to use the damage and destruction to generate profit at the expense of many. Many of the flood-damaged vehicles were ruined by the wind, falling trees and storm surge but many vehicles, perhaps the majority of them, once dried out can and will find their way to the secondary market of used cars.

Consumer Reports’ chief mechanic, John Ibbotson, remarked in an article that we should avoid flood-damaged vehicles with signs of deep-water exposure “even if a vehicle looks acceptable and may be working when you inspect it.” That’s because the long-term effects of water damage can haunt buyers for the life of the car.

What can you do to protect yourself from unscrupulous dealers selling flood damaged cars. For good advice I suggest you check out this Blog post from the Federal Trade Commission and follow up on the great suggestions the writer offers.

Do you want to own a vehicle that has been flooded? What could possible go wrong? How can you protect your self when seeking a used car in the future? Check out the links cited here.

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