Nashville Teen Driver Runs From Police


Handcuffs and a Jail Cell

Handcuffs and a Jail Cell

I have been a Nashville accident and injury lawyer for close to thirty years and I’ve learned that when it comes to some drivers Mrs. Gump was right, “Stupid is as stupid does.” It’s really simple, when a police officers turns on her emergency flashers and signals to pull over it’s a good idea to do so. The worst thing that can happen is you get a ticket, that is, unless you have outstanding warrants, and then you take the ticket and go on about your business. Not so for a Nashville teen driver reports Nashville television station Newschannel5 .

Instead of pulling over and providing her driver’s license, title and proof of insurance, she waited until the officer exited his car and then she rammed it and drove off. She led police on a chase until she was incapacitated by the application of spike strips. No ticket, no going home for this teen. She’s off to jail facing four felony charges of aggravated assault.

What To Do When Pulled Over

Wait until the officer approaches your vehicle. DO NOT reach to your glove compartment or try to take out your wallet until asked to do so by the officer. If you make efforts to get your purse or into your glove compartment the officer might get suspicious and fear that you might be trying to hide something or reaching for a weapon. You do not want the officer thinking that way, When the officer asks for your title, license and proof of insurance and those documents are in your glove compartment tell the officer before you reach for them. Employ the same tactic when you reach into a purse or your back pocket.

If you have been drinking and have been frequenting a club or other venue that requires a hand stamp or wrist band remove them before you start to drive, it’s a sure sign that you might well have been drinking or at least it will give the officer cause to suspect that you might be driving under the influence.

Do not speak unless spoken to by the officer. When, and they will always start off by asking “Do you no why I pulled you over,” do not opine but just say no. Always follow the officers instructions and never resist or question the reason you were stopped. Whatever you do, NEVER try to fight or flee the scene, you will be caught and the consequences can be dire as this Nashville teen driver will be finding out.

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