Nashville Teen Drivers Are At Great Risk Warns Attorney Phillip Miller

The 100 Deadliest Days For Teen Drivers

In the past, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety referred to the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day as the “summer driving season”.  Because of the rise in teen drivers accidents it’s calling this period the “100 Deadliest Days.” I thought I would take some time this morning to talk about teen drivers and distracted driving that leads to so many tragic outcomes.

In 2015 the last year with complete nationwide data 991 teens between 15 and 19 years old were killed in U.S car crashes, according to the National Safety Council.  In reviewing the data the NSC points to several different reasons behind the carnage. Teens often get to stay out later on non-school, vacation nights. Likewise, teens will be carrying more teen passengers that can lead to distractions and showing off by speeding. Add to this mix hand held devices and distractions become the number one cause of teen accidents.

The NSC data shows that just one teen passenger increases the teen driver’s risk of a fatal crash by 44%, add two more and the fatal crash risk just went up to 300%. When polled in a joint study by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), 25% of teens admitted texting while driving, 66% admitted using apps while driving and 33% said they drove drowsy. Check out this informative article.

What Can A Parent Do?

The first thing all parents should do is sit down with their teen driver and view this CBS news report.

Every state has laws governing teen drivers and many require Drivers Education courses in which the basics are taught. This is a good thing for parents to invest in. In my experience as a Nashville auto accident attorney the best way to prevent your teen from becoming a statistic is hands on parenting.

Creating a Plan To Teach Driving Safety

Starting when they are 13-years-old parents should block out a time in which you get the driver’s guide and have your child study it. Once your child is familiar with the rules of the road take them driving. With the future teen driver in the front passenger seat drive around your town and talk to them about what’s going on. Point out other driver behavior such as speeding, tailgating, cutting in and out of traffic and other things like failing to signal a turn.

Practice this regularly and after they have had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the process turn over the commentary to them. You are actually creating backseat drivers but I promise you this effort will pay of in making your child a better driver.

The National Safety Council has a number of resources to help parents prepare their children to take to the highways and byways. Parents are the biggest influencers on their teen drivers, even if you think they aren’t listening.

Of particular interest is the Metro Nashville Police Department’s effort to address this serious problem.  For more information on the teen driving safety classes check out this link .

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