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There are very few attorneys who are good enough to be hired over and over again by law firms across the country to assist them with their most significant cases. Having that kind of attorney on your case can make a difference.

Here are some of the things attorneys across the country have said about Mr. Miller:

“After spending my entire career as a trial lawyer, I utilized the services of Phillip Miller as a trial consultant. His unique approach to trial preparation has convinced me that I will never take another major case to trial without first involving his services in the preparation thereof.  Phillip Miller changed the manner in which I plan future cases and revolutionized the way my law firm drives litigation matters on behalf of our clients.  His meticulous and strategic insight into trial planning has become for me an indispensable tool in maximizing the value of my clients’ cases.”

Troy C. Owens
Barney, Owens, Laughlin & Arthur, LLP
Lake in the Hills, Illinois

“After 28 years of successfully trying some very significant cases, Phillip showed me even better ways to analyze and reconstruct cases I thought I already knew everything about.  Regardless of how well you think you know your case, or how experienced you are, Phil brings something to the table that you have to experience to appreciate and understand.  Whether you’ve had little or great success in trying cases on your own in the past, I guarantee that you will be impressed with what he can do for your case.  He’s improved the value of every case he’s worked on for me, and I promise you that I’ll be working with him again.  It’s a cutting edge approach that you and your client will greatly benefit from.”

Steven C. Laird, attorney
Laird & Cummings, P.C.
Fort Worth, Texas 76110

“During the 2nd week of trial we were able to secure a total settlement of $6.5 million.  The trial plan you put together allowed us to pick off each of the defenses one by one.  Like a sniper.  When we used the defenses in our case in chief, the opposition’s case crumbled.  In addition, the jury selection questions you fine tuned allowed us to strike most, if not all, of the unfavorable jurors.  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!”

John Page, attorney
Page & Cagle Law Firm
St. Louis, Missouri

“Trial attorneys live with cases for months, sometimes years. During the lengthy pre-trial discovery process, attorneys gather a mountain of facts derived from various sources. Distilling the persuasive facts into a coherent, logical theme that is easily understood and, more importantly, embraced by jury members who are generally unfamiliar and often uncomfortable with the legal system can be daunting.  Phil Miller brings a unique approach to case planning and theme development that is essential for any attorney who is serious about trying cases and getting the best possible results.

Patrick Martucci, attorney
Joplin, Missouri

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