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It’s hard to imagine anything more frightening than driving along a highway at sixty or seventy miles per hour and seeing a 60,000 pound trailer looming directly before you—detached from its tractor. The amount of damage a detached trailer can do is immeasurable. The negligence that would allow such a thing to happen is unconscionable. It is not a common type of truck accident, but when a trailer detaches from its tractor on a busy roadway, devastation is almost sure to result.

Driver Responsibility

Before beginning a trip a truck driver is required to check all the components of the rig for safety. Runaway trailer accidents occur when the trailer portion of a tractor trailer becomes detached from the tractor that is hauling it; the driver and/or trucking company is responsible for seeing that this doesn’t happen.  Out-of-control detached trailers can cause fatalities and serious life threatening injuries to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. All trucking companies are required by law to follow federal rules and regulations on the proper way to secure their rigs, for the protection of others on the road.

Why Trailers Detach

A trailer disconnecting from a tractor can occur for several reasons. Wear and tear and corrosion can cause the trailer to disconnect if old and worn out parts haven’t been replaced. If the rig wasn’t properly secured, it can disconnect. Any runaway trailer accident can be avoided by diligent maintenance and careful inspection before the truck leaves on a trip, and at regular intervals during long trips.

Truck Accident Experience Counts

Hiring a Nashville, Tennessee truck accident attorney with years of experience pursuing damages for victims of large commercial trucks, including runaway trailer accidents, is essential if you hope to get fair compensation for your losses. Many of these accidents cause fatalities or catastrophic injuries. They are high-value cases that can potentially cause the trucking company and its insurer millions of dollars. Trucking companies often have full-time staff to move in immediately trying to find ways to deny liability and avoid a large payout. Your attorney must understand how trucking companies typically respond to claims, and must be thoroughly familiar with federal and state regulations pertaining to maintenance and inspection that govern the trucking industry. There may be several liable parties, including the truck driver, the trucking company, the owner of the truck or trailer, the shipping company, the manufacturer of the truck or trailer, a mechanic or technician who worked on the rig, and any other person or company who contributed to the accident. Your lawyer will investigate to determine all parties against whom you potentially have a claim for negligence.

Nashville Detached Trailer Attorney

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