Online Focus Groups and One-on-One Strategy Planning: Virtual Case Analysis

I wanted to drop in to plug a program that I’m a part of at the beginning of next month: Virtual Case Analysis: Online Focus Groups and One-on-One Strategy Planning. The program runs from December 2 – 4 with most of the program happening on the 3rd.   If you’re familiar with AAJ’s Case Plus program, this one is very similar! Except that we’ve all pulled together to do the focus groups and one-on-one faculty sessions virtually. The program is an incredible value, you get 3 different focus groups for your case with one-on-one faculty debriefs after every session. Since focus groups are being recruited online, the focus group members will actually be from the jurisdiction your case is in. We’ll make sure you get every drop of value out of each focus group that is conducted. Plus, you can bring an additional team member at no additional cost! AAJ can also tailor your focus groups for what your case needs. I’m not sure how AAJ does it, but the price of this program is truly great value.   Amid all this COVID stuff, it’s been harder than ever to stay connected but hope is coming. This program would be a great way to get a huge leg up on any of your current cases and make a few friends along the way.   The program page is here but you can also email [email protected] if you want to register. 
Phillip Miller 615-394-7300

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