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Ford Transit Van – Stay Alert Avoid A Commercial Truck Accident

Attention Ford Transit Van Owners Stay Alert Avoid A Commercial Truck Accident   The Ford Motor Company has sent out a recall on 400,00 2015-2017 commercial trucks known as Transit Vans, one of its most popular commercial truck brands. It appears that the driveshaft “flexible coupling” is cracking and could cause the driveshaft to separate. Read More

Tennessee Drivers Beware The Deer Rutting Season

IT’S NOW DEER RUTTING SEASON PAY ATTENTION WHEN DRIVING A long time friend and retired lawyer who, along with his wife, has taken to the road in an RV to explore North America wrote to me the other day to remind me that it’s time to warn my friends and correspondents that it is the Read More

Nashville Attorney Phillip Miller Urges Adults To Think Halloween Child Safety

HALLOWEEN CHILD SAFETY IS UP TO THE ADULTS If, for some reason you haven’t noticed, the seasons are beginning to change and it’s time for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. As the holiday approaches, (Tomorrow) I’d like to take this opportunity to remind parents that it’s never too late to start thinking and talking Read More

Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer Phillip Miller Talks About School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety Several years ago I wrote about school bus safety as the safest mode of transportation for students. The other day while waiting in line to board a flight to Chicago to meet with members of a law firm that has retained me as a trial consultant, I overheard a fellow talking about Read More

Nashville Teen Drivers Are At Great Risk Warns Attorney Phillip Miller

The 100 Deadliest Days For Teen Drivers In the past, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety referred to the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day as the “summer driving season”.  Because of the rise in teen drivers accidents it’s calling this period the “100 Deadliest Days.” I thought I would take some time this Read More

Nashville Attorney Phillip Miller Talks About Road Debris Accidents

Road Debris Accidents Recently there was an interesting local Nashville TV piece about road debris accidents. Sometime later I was on my way to a trial consultant visit with a client law firm in Chicago and saw an interesting article about road debris accidents in a national newspaper. I am very familiar with road debris Read More

Nashville Teen Driver Runs From Police

  I have been a Nashville accident and injury lawyer for close to thirty years and I’ve learned that when it comes to some drivers Mrs. Gump was right, “Stupid is as stupid does.” It’s really simple, when a police officers turns on her emergency flashers and signals to pull over it’s a good idea Read More

Nashville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Helmets Save Lives And Serious Injury

As an experienced Nashville motorcycle accident lawyer, I know very well that motorcycle accidents most often result in more serious injuries than other types of accidents, as there is little protection for the rider.  Cars provide “an armor of protection” for drivers and passengers, while there is little between the road and the motorcycle rider.  Read More

Trump Messaging Techniques For Success At Trial

Trump  Messaging Techniques For Success At Trial Millions of Americans are supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States. There is no question that, as trial lawyers, we will have a number of these people on our juries. The question I’m addressing here today is, can we use Trump messaging techniques to better insure Read More

Some Simple Rules For Avoiding A Tractor-Trailer Accident

Simple Rules Will Keep You From Injury Or Death In A Tractor-Trailer Accident As an experienced Nashville personal injury lawyer and having represented dozens of seriously injured and dead victims of tractor-trailer accident cases for several decades I pay particular attention to the interaction between motor vehicles when I travel on the highway. This past Read More

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