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Deposition Preparation: How Does Your Deposition Strategy Address Juror Attitudes And Beliefs

Prominent Juror Attitudes And Beliefs As an experienced trial lawyer and trial consultant I have long maintained that understanding juror attitudes and beliefs is the keystone to successful deposition preparation and maintain that it is essential for the trial lawyer to think strategically and be very focused on preparing for prospective juror attitudes and beliefs. Read More

Trial Consultant Phillip Miller’s Focus Group Do Not Do List

Practices To Avoid With Focus Groups In my book Focus Groups, Hitting The Bull’s-Eye, and in my work as a Trial Consultant, I explain why trial lawyers will benefit greatly from the use of Focus Groups. I’m a fan of plaintiff lawyers talking to regular people about cases. Although this is often referred to as Read More

Truck Driver Fatigue Is At The Heart Of A Deadly Matter

Proposed Driver Fatigue Rules Make Highways More Deadly Under current United States Department of Transportation regulations for commercial truck driver fatigue, which I believe is the base cause of almost every trucking accident on the roadways of the United States, drivers are limited as to a certain number of hours they drive before the must Read More

Could 2018 Ford Recall Have Played A Roll In Your Client’s Vehicle Collision?

                          Did 2018 Ford Recall Lead To Your Client’s Injuries? Do you, a family member or friend drive, or have clients who have been injured in an accident involving a 2018 Ford F-150 pickup truck or a 2018 Ford Expedition? How about a 2015-17 Read More

Trial Consultant Asks “Who Conducts Your Pre-Deposition Focus Groups

Who Should Conduct Pre-Deposition Focus Groups? After the case evaluation proves positive and all of the retainer paperwork is completed one of the first of many considerations the trial lawyer should address is whether or not the case requires one or more pre-deposition focus groups. If yes, a number of considerations will need your attention Read More

Nashville Attorney Warns About The Market For Flood-Damaged Vehicles

We’ve all seen the video of the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. Homes, even entire neighborhoods are completely destroyed. The streets and highways are littered with flood-damaged vehicles. As recovery begins there is so much to do, clear the roads, restore electric and clean water, recover the dead, so much indeed. Another thing that one Read More

Help A Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer Save A Life

Join Me And Save A Life As an experienced Nashville personal injury lawyer when I see a significant vehicle recall I give my friends a shout out. This recall should be of grave concern for owners of 2015 Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac pickup trucks and SUVs. According to an article in Reuters, the National Highway Read More

Phillip Miller Trial Consultant – The Types of Focus Groups to Consider

The Types of Focus Groups To Consider Some of the biggest misconceptions among lawyers are that there are only a couple of types of Focus Groups to choose from, that they take half a day or more , and that they cost thousands of dollars. The truth is that the types of focus groups that Read More

The Miller Method – Effective Focus Groups On A Budget

Focus Groups: Why don’t lawyers do focus groups?   As a Trial Lawyer/Consultant, lecturer and author on this subject, I have heard all the reasons. They are too expensive; I know what my winning arguments are; I know my case; I don’t need to know what jurors think; I already know what jurors think. Really? Read More

Avoid Rabbit Trails When Taking A Deposition

Deposition Practice: Stay On Topic Avoid Rabbit Trails As a Nashville personal injury lawyer and Trial Consultant I have used my years of experience in a courtroom to create “The Miller Method” for trial preparation used by the best law firms in the country to help them with their most important cases. Today’s topic will Read More

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