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Evasive Witnesses Part Two – “I Don’t Know”

Dealing With Evasive Witnesses Part 2 – “I don’t know” In my last Blog, I talked about dealing with a deposition where the witness, for whatever reason, will not provide reasonably fair and honest testimony. We looked at the dozen most common evasive, uncooperative behaviors from these witnesses and here we provide suggested techniques for Read More

Deposition Preparation – Dealing With Evasive Witnesses

Dealing With Evasive Witnesses Laziness and lack of preparation can doom any discovery effort. You may have taken this kind of deposition before and everything went great, but this time, the witness seems unmanageable. You seem to be doing everything right, but you are not getting anything. The most obvious conclusions and the answers that Read More

Picking A Jury With Older Jurors Requires Special Scrutiny

An Interesting Study About Older Jurors As a Plaintiff ‘s lawyer, who doesn’t want an easy rule of thumb for selecting plaintiff friendly jurors? Sorry, there isn’t one. Nonetheless, there is research that suggests we need to look more closely at older jurors we might not spend enough time with during this important phase of of our Read More

The Mechanics Of Setting Up Focus Groups

  I’m busy and I know you are so I’ll keep this short. In the first twelve chapters of our book we’ve spent a substantial amount of time talking about what it takes to identify the research questions that will make a difference, and how to moderate focus groups to gather insight about your case. Read More


If you are preparing for a deposition in a trucking case and you want to win you might want to consider joining us for this power packed seminar. Whether you’re a beginner in the field or are a veteran of trucking deposition, our Specialized Depositions College will help you build the skills you need to stand Read More

School Bus Safety – The Safest Mode of Transportation To And From School

School Bus Safety It has become a tradition at the Miller Law Office to reach out to friends and remind them that school is, or will soon be, in session and drivers must be on the alert for school busses and their child passengers and practice school bus safety. Every parent wants their child to Read More

Nashville Attorney Phillip Miller Reminds Of A Serious 2020 Ford Explorer Recall

During my travels the other day I ran across an article in the Detroit Free Press that I have been meaning to share with you. It appears that the Ford Motor Co. has issued several important Ford Explorer Recall. This safety issue also affects the 2020 Lincoln Navigator. It appears from the article that the vehicles Read More

A Warning To Nashville Drivers – The 100 Deadliest Days

The Miller Law Office has successfully handled hundreds of Nashville automobile accidents and we keep a meticulous eye on the trends in Nashville highway traffic safety. The trends that we see are ominous and I thought I would take a moment and tell you about the “100 Deadliest Days”. I wrote this blog sometime ago Read More

The Miller Mousetrap – Part Two Using Defense Witnesses To Establish Rules, Principles, and Standards

The Miller Mousetrap – Part Two- Using Defense Witnesses To Establish Rules, Principles, and Standards In my last Blog I addressed the Introduction and the first two steps of the “Miller Mousetrap”, a method of using defense witnesses to establish rules, principles, and standards. Over years of practice I developed and taught this method at AAJ Read More

The Miller Mousetrap – Using Defense Witnesses To Establish Rules, Principles, and Standards

The Miller Mousetrap – Using Defense Witnesses To Establish Rules, Principles, and Standards Suspicion and anti-plaintiff bias are two of the attitudes and beliefs that plague plaintiffs in their cases. When you introduce un-contradicted proof in your case, will the jury accept it at face value? We all hope so, but it is not uncommon Read More

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