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New Jersey Association For Justice Taps Phillip Miller To Their Top Ten List

I am speaking on Friday 8/7 at the New Jersey Association for Justice’s Boardwalk Seminar as part of their “Top Ten in America” program.  For this program New Jersey invites attorneys from across the U.S. that they consider to be in “Top Ten in America”  to share their experiences and insights with more than 1000 New Jersey Read More

First Circuit Reverses Boston Marathon Bomber Death Sentences

We all remember DZHOKHAR A. TSARNAEV the Boston Marathon bomber who was convicted and sentenced to death. On July 31st the First Circuit Court of Appeals reversed his conviction/sentencing and gave a clear and concise statement on jury voir dire and pre-trial publicity/change of venue. I highly recommend the Court’s opinion. You can find it Read More

Bracketing: A Deposition Technique To Gain Important Information – Distance

In my last blog I examined the importance of pinning down “coached” defense witnesses on measurements that are important to achieving a Plaintiff verdict in areas such as dates, distances, or time. In that Blog I introduced the concept of “Bracketing”. Over the next couple of Blogs I’m going to share some examples from actual Read More

Depositions: Estimating Dates, Distances, Times, or Measurements

There Are Some Things That You Can’t Let Slide: Bracketing Your opposition will always coach witnesses to avoid answering any question when they are not absolutely sure of something, and they will be specifically coached about estimates of time, distance and the like. As a Result, witnesses often have “difficulty” giving any estimate of something Read More

Medicare Liens: How To Prepare Your Case To Be In Compliance?

Medicare And Hospital Liens I have worked with Advocate Capital and they are top hands in their business. I recently joined them in a seminar where I shared some concepts and tactics I have learned about using focus groups to frame your trial issues. How do you prepare to be in compliance with Medicare Lien regulations? Read More

Maximizing Your Recovery

Maximizing Your Recovery Some of you may know that I am presently enrolled in the Executive LL.M in Litigation Management at the Baylor University School of Law and what an interesting experience it has been. This is why I am so excited to tell you about this incredible FREE program for Plaintiff trial lawyers. The speakers Read More

Do You Really Understand Your Juror’s Attitudes, Beliefs, and Biases

Understanding the Minds of the Jury I begin my book Advanced Depositions Strategy & Practice with a discussion about understanding juror attitudes, beliefs, and biases. Before taking case critical depositions, you need to know and think strategically about the juror’s attitudes and beliefs. Although we all like to think that our communities are unique, there Read More

Can A Pre-Filing Focus Group Allay Your Fears About Your Big Case

A Pre-Filing Focus Group Can Ease Your Fears I was working with a firm from Chicago this past week. A fine group of experienced trial lawyers and support staff with a personal injury case with serious long-term injuries. As we talked about the case I noticed that some of the staff had some misgivings on Read More

Highway Traffic Safety Information In A Time Of Pandemic

Highway Safety In A Time Of Pandemic Hello Folks, Phillip here with an update of some important highway traffic safety information that I’d like to share. 100 Deadliest Days We have entered uncharted territory in many ways during this Pandemic, and I have some more bad news and some good news. The bad news is, Read More

New Technologies And Techniques For Trial Lawyers During The Pandemic

Everyone in this business of ours is now looking to new technologies and techniques to keep our cases moving. My last Blog addressed how I have been working. As a trial consultant, I speak to lawyers across the country on a daily basis and many are concerned about the “how” of doing focus groups online, Read More

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