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Trial Lawyer/Trial Consultant Speaks at Southern Trial Lawyers Association 2020 Annual Convention

          This past week I was honored to speak about storytelling to a great group of storytellers, The Southern Trial Lawyers Association. Their 2020 Annual Conference in NOLA, during Mardi Gras, always provides great information, great contacts and wonderful insight into the world of Plaintiff trial lawyers. It’s a wonderful feeling Read More

Tire Safety Can Save Your Life And The Lives Of Others

Tire Safety Can Save Your Life I have been working on a tire safety case for a client who was catastrophically injured in an automobile truck collision that was caused by defective tires. He was just driving along doing what he has been taught to do. He was not drinking, eating, letting himself become distracted Read More

Focus Groups For Medical Negligence Cases

I’m speaking on Saturday Feb 8 to the Medical Negligence section of the American Association for Justice at their mid year convention in New Orleans with a topic “How focus groups can help you prepare to for a medical negligence case” Never been a member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) formerly the Association Read More

Important Safety Issues For My Friends

Important Safety Issues I hope you are well. I’ve run across several important safety issues that I think need to be shared with my friends. Take a minute and look them over and share them with your family and friends. Stroller and Other Baby Product Recalls While I was looking into news of baby stroller Read More

Juror Proof Will Win Your Big Case – Getting Into The Minds Of Your Jury

Juror Proof: What Do Your Jurors Think About Your Case? One of the most valuable lessons I have learned during my years as a personal injury trial lawyer is the concept that “juror proof” decides cases, not “legal proof.” Juror proof drives juror deliberations, even though it’s not part of the legal elements of the Read More

Part 5: Evasive Witnesses That Use Spiteful Precision

As a trial lawyer I always hate it when you are taking a defendant witness deposition and they continue to disrupt your questioning by asking you to define the words in your questions. As a trial consultant I have developed several ways to prepare for and approach this type of evasive witness. This category of Read More

Phillip Miller Set To Speak At Southern Trial Lawyers Association in New Orleans

It is with gratitude and humility that I announce that I have been chosen to speak at the Southern Trial Lawyers Association Annual Conference at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. My topic will be: Creating a Trial Story: Three approaches That Work. The 32nd STLA Annual Conference at Mardi Gras is February 19 through 23, Read More

Nashville Trial Lawyer/Trial Consultant Phillip H. Miller Chosen Best Lawyer Best Law Firm

  Nashville Trial Lawyer/Trial Consultant Phillip H. Miller at the Miller Law Offices has been awarded a Tier 1 ranking in the U.S. News – Best Lawyers and the Miller Law Offices received a Tier 1 ranking in the U.S. News – Best Lawyer Best Law Firm in Nashville in the category of personal injury Read More

AAJ Advanced Deposition College January New Orleans

This is the time! Come to our American Association For Justice (AAJ) Advanced Deposition College January 17-20, 2020 in New Orleans. Strengthen your deposition skills with top-notch AAJ faculty in New Orleans at AAJ’s Advanced Depositions College.  This program provides the strategies and techniques to enhance the performance of even the most experienced plaintiff trial lawyer at the deposition table. Read More

Evasive Witness Part 4: Witnesses Who Refuse To Give An Opinion

Evasive Witness Part 4: Witnesses Who Refuse To Give An Opinion This category describes a witness who will no give any opinions, claiming, “I’m only a fact witness.” In this situation, be prepared to have case law available to cite that lay opinion is different than expert opinion, and also that opinion testimony is discoverable Read More

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