Client Testimonials

Candace McDaniel

I was just going about my business when a driver caused this collision. He probably should not have been on the road to begin with, but that’s a different story. I knew I was not right within a few minutes, and I was worried about my 2 year old as well. She was in her car seat, but she was crying and upset.

The doctors checked both of us out and thankfully my little girl was mostly ok. She did cry for a few days, at times and in ways that were different for her. Fortunately, that went away within a week. I wish it was the same for me.

When I saw that I was going to have to get more treatment, and the insurance company was acting funny, I decided to call an attorney. I know that there are all kinds of attorneys on TV, but I wanted go to someone who was better qualified and where I wouldn’t be treated like a number.
I knew from his website that Mr. Miller was a good lawyer and attorney, and his office staff could not have been nicer to me. The casse got resolved, I’m happy, and I know that if I need someone again – I’ll use this firm.

F. Pennington

I have been involved in 2 Nashville car accidents that were not my fault, and have hired Phillip Miller both times. Both times the insurance company gave me the run around and I didn’t have time to deal with the aggravation they were causing me. I made the right choice in hiring Phillip, and I’d hire him again if I needed him. He and his staff were as nice as could be to me, they answered all my questions, and got my car accident case settled in a timely manner.

Mike Murphy

I was in a car wreck and injured my shoulder. In addition to that I’m a single parent with a disabled child that needs my attention whenever I’m not at work. I was concerned about geting ripped off. I was concerned that whoever I hired wouldn’t think my auto case was big enough to give it attention. I looked online and after seeing Phillip’s videos I decided this “might” be the guy for me, so I made an appointment. After meeting and talking I decided my first impression was right. Phillip and his team handled my injury case quickly and professionally. I would definitely come back if I needed an attorney again. It was a good experience.

Sam Nichols

I grew up on a farm and worked all my life. I love to work. If I wasn’t on the job I was at home working on cars or doing something else. I’m not one to sit on the sofa and watch TV. When I got in this wreck everything changed. I never knew pain like this and the pain medication they gave me just made me sleep all the time. The auto insurance company didn’t want to listen to me, they figured since I didn’t have surgery i must be ok. Mr. Miller was a godsend. He took care of us and got us a financial recovery that we were blessed to receive.

Alexis Jones

I was in a car accident and it had some weird twists that made it different, but it didn’t faze Phillip or his staff. They were able to put my case together and get it settled for me without any drama.

Mable Jordan

Mr. Miller and his people were very good to me. I didn’t know what to expect exactly, but I was happy with the way I was treated, all my questions were answered, and I can’t think of anything they could have done to serve me better. I would come back if I had to, and I would definitely refer other people to this firm.

Marilyn Caruthers

I had a Tennessee workers’ comp case and although my doctor said I needed surgery, the workers’ comp insurance company dragged their feet and held up my checks and treatment. Phillip Miller’s office got things on track, and kept them there. I hope I never need another attorney, but if I did I would call Phillip Miller’s office.

Melinda Hoover

You have been wonderful, I couldn’t have found anyone better to handle my claim.

Judy Weisgerber

I was so grateful to have Phillip Miller and Associates help me after my Tennessee car accident. I had never dealt with anything like this before and really needed their help. They took over all communications with insurance companies and doctors and made my life easier. The entire staff worked together with me to bring my case to a positive outcome on a timely basis. Thank you everyone at Phillip Miller and Associates for your help and expertise

Robert Mell

We won our case because our attorney kept fighting. I had a workers’ compensation case with lots of complex issues, but my attorney kept focused. I strongly recommend Phillip Miller & Associates. Andréa Phelan, the attorney on my case was wonderful.

Lynn Weaver

Phillip Miller & Associates has helped me feel secure and confident that my case is being handled with care so that I can concentrate on healing and get back to a normal way of life.

Nicholas Newman

I was in a car wreck and had a brain injury. It took more than a year for me to get back to normal, and Phillip was there the entire time. He encouraged me, gave me faith in my future, and in the end he gave me a future that is going to be o.k. My doctors were cautious about having to deal with an attorney, but after meeting Phillip they told me he was remarkable. Not only did he know and understand the medical aspects of my injury, but he obviously really cared about what happened to me.

Mike Essenburg

You can’t take for granted that the insurance companies are going to protect you.

Hazel Swanson

They always made time to see me, and they were concerned about me as a person. I felt they wanted to hear my side. I couldn’t be happier with my choice, or the outcome of my case.

Sheila Stafford

One thing I like about Accident & Injury Law was that they talked on my level. If I had a question, I got an answer that made sense. They were good about returning my calls and following up on any question that I had.

Jerry Carey

I go injured on the job. If I hadn’t of had Phillip Miller’s law firm, I would’ve been ‘railroaded’ by the insurance company.

Don Cannon

I talked to a doctor, a friend of mine, and asked him if he had anyone he could refer me to. The first name he mentioned was Phillip, nobody else. I always felt like I was a human being, not a number. When we had to file a lawsuit to get what I deserved, I knew I was in good hands.

Tina Hamilton

I didn’t have a big case, but it didn’t make any difference in the way I was treated. Everyone was so nice and patient with me (especially Haley). It was great to get my car accident settled. Thank you for all you have done.

Steven Gursten

I’ve worked closely with Phillip on a few cases, as an attorney and trial consultant, and couldn’t be happier with the results. He is an outstanding attorney, kind and trustworthy. I’m glad to be able to call him a friend from all of our hours working together.

Donald Beskind

Phillip is a passionate advocate for his clients, a gifted teacher of advocacy to others, and a wonderful consultant and strategist in cases. He’s a pleasure to work with and he gets my highest recommendation.

Paul Scoptur

I have worked with Phillip on cases both as a lawyer and trial consultant and can say there is none better. He is creative and thinks outside the box, which is necessary in the area of trial law and consulting.

Patrick O’Rourke

Phillip is one of the top civil litigators and consultants in the field of personal injury law. He is a man of integrity whose word is his bond.

Katherine James

Phillip is a brilliant attorney. He not only is thorough, persuasive, compassionate and educated, he also is a wonderful teacher. I have not only worked on his cases preparing witnesses, but I have had the pleasure of teaching with him at AAJ at The Ulitmate Course and the Deposition Colleges. In addition to his fine trial skills, he is also a trial consultant.Can you imagine having someone sit second chair in your trial who not only is experienced as an attorney but who really understands how jurors think? I highly recommend him.”

Christopher O’Brien

Phillip is a brilliant tactician and trial attorney. He has both the experience and the intellectual acumen to analyze a case, recognize its strengths and weaknesses and effectively plan to maximize recovery. It helps that he is a nice guy, too.

Michael Hamilton

Phillip is a lawyer of of the highest ethical standards and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of personal injury and product liability law as well as trial strategy. I have consulted with Phillip a number of times and have found him to be easy to work with and to have common sense approaches to solving complex problems.


I had a serious legal problem. I knew a number of lawyers from many years of being a police officer in Nashville, Tennessee. I tried to get a couple of them to help but no one was interested because there wasn’t a lot of money to be made. When I contacted Phillip Miller I was pleasantly surprised. My case was handled in a professional and timely manner, my phone calls were returned, and I was treated like a million dollar case. Phillip Miller and Associates are the real deal.


My wife and I were in an auto accident. We were hurt pretty bad and the car was all tore up. I did’nt know where to turn when all the medical bills started coming in so I called Phillip Miller. They took care of everything from day one. We got a nice settlement also. When I heard my niece was in an accident I told her right away to call Phillip Miller. I would recommend Phillip Miler and Associates to anyone.

Dennis Elias

Phillip gets to the core issues with insightful analysis. His recommendations are always spot on. A pleasure to collaborate with and a trusted and respected colleague.

Donald Beskind

Phillip is a passionate advocate for his clients, a gifted teacher of advocacy to others, and a wonderful consultant and strategist in cases. He’s a pleasure to work with and he gets my highest recommendation.

Patrick O’Rourke

Phillip is one of the top civil litigators and consultants in the field of personal injury law. He is a man of integrity whose word is his bond.


I was in a car accident and had a bunch of bills I couldn’t afford to pay, and the insurance company wasn’t helping. Fortunately Phillip Miller’s office was there to help me. They filed a lawsuit for me when there was a stall in the process and got everything resolved. They were there for me and treated me like a family member.

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