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Robert L. Collins

Diplomate & Board of Trustees, National College of Advocacy
Board of Regents & Secretary, Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys (AATA)
Robert L. Collins & Associates
Houston/Austin/South Padre Island
Cases where Phillip was used – products liability, trucking collisions

"Working with Phillip is priceless to the value of your case. Before you spend money and time on experts and depositions, know where you need to be headed and why! I highly recommend that every experienced trial lawyer work through your next case with Phillip to re-learn what you already know and maximize your effort and I strongly urge that every inexperienced trial lawyer MUST go through this process to ensure success! What you don’t know or consider WILL be the defense that beats you. Once your work with Phillip is done, you WILL know and be ready to minimize those defenses."

Verne Goodsell, Attorney

Goodsell Quinn Attorneys
Rapid City, SD
Cases where Phillip was used – confidentiality agreement bars mention

“Phillip is a master at making the complex simple. Phil helped us find and fill the holes in our case while forcing the defense experts to make admissions adverse to their clients’ interests. This led directly to settlement. After the resolution, one of the attorneys for the other side commented to us, ‘Everywhere we turned you had the answer.’ Phillip helped make this possible.”

Michael Cowen*, Attorney

Cowen, Rodriguez, Peacock San Antonio, Texas Cases where Phillip was used – Trucking * Michael is also the Producer of the podcast, “Trial Lawyer Nation”

I am so glad we consulted with Phillip Miller on one of our major cases. On the first day he made us dig deep to find major problems with the case that we had not seen before. On the second day he worked with us on how to overcome those challenges. Without Phillip’s strategy we may have been ambushed by defenses we didn’t see coming. Now we have a path to victory. I’m looking forward to working more with Phillip on this case and on many others.

Mark R. Kosieradzki, Attorney

Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm LLC
Plymouth, Minnesota
Cases where Phillip was used – medical malpractice, nursing home litigation, premises liability, excessive force/security

“I have been working with Phillip for half a dozen years. His methodology for case deconstruction is a systematic approach that identifies all defenses no matter how subtle. Once we identify the landmines, Phillip's discipline during the work sessions has focused the trial team to not only mine our files for the critical facts but to organize them in a way which wil neutralize the defenses. Case deconstruction is hard work, but every time I have done it with Phillip I walk away with objectively identifiable results which have always preemptively identified every defense which is thrown at me.”

John Page, Attorney

Page & Cagle Law Firm
St. Louis, Missouri
Cases where Phillip was used – Truck/Motorcycle, Truck/Truck Collisions

“During the 2nd week of trial we were able to secure a total settlement of $6.5 million. The trial plan you put together allowed us to pick off each of the defenses one by one. Like a sniper. When we used the defenses in our case in chief, the opposition's case crumbled. In addition, the jury selection questions you fine tuned allowed us to strike most, if not all, of the unfavorable jurors. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!”

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