Sharpening The Axe In A Time Of Pandemic: Litigation Management At The Highest Level

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Burning the Midnight Oil

16 months, 18 courses, over 100 written assignments, 1000’s of pages of reading, a final publishable paper upwards of 50 pages, and lots of late nights and weekends reading and learning.  It’s been an incredible experience, a little intense at times, but great. After 16 months I am finishing the work for my LLM in Litigation Management at Baylor, and I’m a better lawyer and trial consultant for it.

The coursework was challenging.

Litigation Crisis Management

Future Tech Trends in Litigation

Management of Expert Witnesses

Data Analytics

Ethical Issues in Litigation Management

International Issues in Litigation Management

Issues in Management of Complex Litigation

Managing Complex Arbitration & Negotiation Issues

Insurance in Litigation Management Coverage & Analysis

Management of Regulatory Investigations

Case Assessment Techniques

Proving & Attacking Damages

Fundamentals of Litigation Management

Business Strategy & Proces Litigation Management

Privilege Issues Affecting Litigation Management

Litigation Funding

Future Tech Trends in Litigation

Litigation Project Management & Process Improvement

Management of Electronic Discovery

Cyber Security for Litigation Management

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