Need To Focus Group Your Big Case?

I couldn’t wait to tell you about this Focus Group Program opportunity from the American Association of Justice so here it is.

The program is  “Virtual Case Analysis: Online Focus Groups and One-on-One Strategy Planning” from March 31-April 2.   This is all done by zoom so you get all the information you would expect (including a video recording) without travel or other expenses. This is the cheapest “turnkey” focus group program you can find, and it includes top-notch professional consultants (I’m one of them).  All of the revenue goes to AAJ. If you have a big case and you need to do a focus group this program is designed for you.

For the price of registration you get:

Three handpicked focus groups selected from your case’s jurisdiction. AAJ can tailor your focus groups for what your case needs.
One-on-one analysis with a faculty member who also helps you lead your focus group sessions
An additional free registration for a member of your trial team to join you

AAJ does all the work recruiting, sorting, and running the tech behind the focus groups so you can focus solely on analyzing feedback. I have been extraordinarily happy with the quality and quantity of actionable feedback that my clients have received from these virtual focus groups. In some way’s it is better than doing them in person! If you need to focus group a case, you would spend 2 or 3 times more doing this elsewhere.

Due to all the logistics of this program, space is very limited so do not hesitate to register if you are interested. For Program and registration information

I hope we get to meet.

Phillip H. Miller

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Phillip Miller