Expert Testimony: Which Jurors Will Adopt It and Why?

Experts are an indispensable part of many lawsuits. But qualification as an expert does not guarantee that a jury will adopt the expert’s opinion, even if unopposed. What happens when expert testimony reaches the jury? Whether it is contradicted or un-contradicted, will jurors adopt it?

Before I share my recent paper on the subject, I want to do a shout out to the American Association of Justice for printing my work in this month’s (April 2021) issue of Trial Magazine and giving me permission to share it with you. Most likely, if you are reading this you are familiar with both the AAJ and it’s Trial Magazine. Being a member of AAJ is like being a member of a firm whose partners have unlimited expertise that is always available for the asking. As a longtime member I am grateful for everything they have provided in my career.

In this past 18 months I have been working, in my spare time, on my Master of Law Degree in Litigation Management from Baylor University School of Law and I was able to focus on this subject that has been of great interest to me for some time. Expert Testimony: Which Jurors Will Adopt It and Why?

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