Older Drivers Change Our Driving Population

As a personal injury lawyer and trial consultant I suggest it’s important for us to have this information regarding older drivers.

The Facts About Older Drivers

In 2020 there were 45.5 million licensed older drivers 65 years or older. This age group is growing faster than any other age group. Older drivers 75-79 saw the largest single-year percentage increase (4.98 percent over the previous year).  Although driving allows older adults to meet their mobility needs and to stay independent, a number of age-related functional impairments, medical conditions and medication side effects can compromise driving abilities. Take a look at the study it offers insight into discovery and data to secure during your trial preparation.

Of special interest to me was the research brief/pdf that is part of the study addresses RDE (rapid deceleration events) in their test group of 2700 drivers ages 65-79. The study went on for a year with approximately 9.4K miles per driver.  Higher rates of RDE = greater risk of a collision

While it might not have been part of the study’s intent, the implications of the study are that if an older driver is in a wreck, the RDE data taken from their car’s computer could be evidence of their history of hard braking due to not paying attention, poor vision, etc.

If the research eventually develops a clear “tipping point” for RDE that indicates others are at risk from a driver, I offer this question, should driving privileges be suspended or monitored?

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