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Tina Hamilton

I didn’t have a big case, but it didn’t make any difference in the way I was treated. Everyone was ...
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Don Cannon

I talked to a doctor, a friend of mine, and asked him if he had anyone he could refer me ...
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Jerry Carey

I go injured on the job. If I hadn’t of had Phillip Miller’s law firm, I would’ve been ‘railroaded’ by ...
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Sheila Stafford

One thing I like about Accident & Injury Law was that they talked on my level. If I had a ...
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Hazel Swanson

They always made time to see me, and they were concerned about me as a person. I felt they wanted ...
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Mike Essenburg

You can’t take for granted that the insurance companies are going to protect you.
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Nicholas Newman

I was in a car wreck and had a brain injury. It took more than a year for me to ...
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Lynn Weaver

Phillip Miller & Associates has helped me feel secure and confident that my case is being handled with care so ...
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Robert Mell

We won our case because our attorney kept fighting. I had a workers’ compensation case with lots of complex issues, ...
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Judy Weisgerber

I was so grateful to have Phillip Miller and Associates help me after my Tennessee car accident. I had never ...
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