We ensure your tort case is handled properly.


We ensure your tort case is handled properly.


Nashville trial consultant and personal injury lawyer Phillip Miller is an experienced “…in the courtroom…” trial lawyer, having tried dozens of cases to verdict and taken over 1000 depositions. He has a deep understanding of the techniques of persuasion as well as juror learning and decision-making.

Phillip is a board-certified civil trial specialist, a “Super Lawyer,” and has been selected seven times as a faculty member for the American Association of Justice program, “The Art of Persuasion” at Harvard Law School.

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Trial consultant Testimonials


Don Cannon

I talked to a doctor, a friend of mine, and asked him if he had anyone he could refer me to. The first name he mentioned was Phillip, nobody else. I always felt like I was a human being, not a number. When we had to file a lawsuit to get what I deserved, I…

Jerry Carey

I go injured on the job. If I hadn’t of had Phillip Miller’s law firm, I would’ve been ‘railroaded’ by the insurance company.

Sheila Stafford

One thing I like about Accident & Injury Law was that they talked on my level. If I had a question, I got an answer that made sense. They were good about returning my calls and following up on any question that I had.

Hazel Swanson

They always made time to see me, and they were concerned about me as a person. I felt they wanted to hear my side. I couldn’t be happier with my choice, or the outcome of my case.

Mike Essenburg

You can’t take for granted that the insurance companies are going to protect you.

Nicholas Newman

I was in a car wreck and had a brain injury. It took more than a year for me to get back to normal, and Phillip was there the entire time. He encouraged me, gave me faith in my future, and in the end he gave me a future that is going to be o.k.…

Lynn Weaver

Phillip Miller & Associates has helped me feel secure and confident that my case is being handled with care so that I can concentrate on healing and get back to a normal way of life.

Robert Mell

We won our case because our attorney kept fighting. I had a workers’ compensation case with lots of complex issues, but my attorney kept focused. I strongly recommend Phillip Miller & Associates. Andréa Phelan, the attorney on my case was wonderful.

Judy Weisgerber

I was so grateful to have Phillip Miller and Associates help me after my Tennessee car accident. I had never dealt with anything like this before and really needed their help. They took over all communications with insurance companies and doctors and made my life easier. The entire staff worked together with me to bring…


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Nashville Personal Injury Attorney

Dealing with an unexpected accident or serious injury caused by somebody else’s negligence can be a traumatizing and life-changing event, but you shouldn’t have to face the future alone.

Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers

Phillip H. Miller
Being involved in an accident and suffering injuries is not something most people are prepared for. Accidents happen to other people… right? The truth is you can do everything right, hone your driving skills, obey every law, stay focused and alert… but you can’t control what other people do. When a careless or impaired driver has caused you to be injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident and your injuries are serious enough to require ongoing medical treatment, time off work, pain, dysfunction, and the inability to enjoy the many things that make life worth living—through no fault of your own—someone needs to be held accountable.You need to be compensated for

a company logowhat you’ve lost. Your choice of a lawyer to represent you in your Tennessee injury or wrongful death case may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Having the right lawyer can mean the difference between having to live with your losses and having the means to pick up the pieces of your life and move on. So, if you’ve been injured, don’t call the first lawyer whose phone number is blasting from your TV or whose smiling face is beaming down from a billboard. Do your due diligence and hire the best qualified lawyer you can find.

Experience Counts

With more than 30 years fighting for the rights of the injured in Tennessee, Phillip Miller is one of the state’s most experienced personal injury lawyers. Phillip doesn’t practice any other type of law. He focuses exclusively on personal injury cases, and as a result, he has a finely tuned knowledge of the law, the legal process, and the way to deal with corporate adversaries in the insurance world.

He is dedicated to ensuring that every person who is seriously injured in the state of Tennessee has access to superb representation and tireless advocacy and that no person suffering legitimate injuries goes uncompensated.


Serious Injuries Require Serious Solutions

Choose the Right Lawyer for You in Tennessee

How do you know Phillip Miller is the right lawyer for you?

Don’t take our word for it. Research Phillip’s record and credentials. Read what judges and other lawyers have to say about him.

Discover the many large settlements and verdicts he’s won for his clients. Learn about his involvement in the local community.


Here are just a few of the many reasons you’ll find that the Miller Law Firm is right for you:

We are nationally board-certified Civil Trial Specialists with 30-plus years of experience in serious injury and death cases, a distinction shared by less than 2 percent of Tennessee lawyers.

Phillip Miller is a board-certified Civil Pre-Trial Specialist. This means he is a master negotiator with the ability to settle many cases without having to go to trial.

Phillip consistently earns the highest ratings by his peers in the prestigious Martindale-Hubbell directory of attorneys: AV Pre-Eminent, placing his firm among the most respected in the nation for knowledge, ability, and ethics.

Phillip Miller boasts an AVVO rating of 10.0, the highest possible.

Phillip has been named as one of the “Best of the Bar” by the Nashville Business Journal which recognizes him as being one of the top trial lawyers in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

Super Lawyers Magazine has listed Phillip Miller as one of Nashville’s best.

"Legally, we can't say that we are the best personal injury attorneys in Nashville or the Top Accident Law Firm.

But before you make a giant mistake and talk to an insurance adjuster, sign any forms or hire an attorney, please give us a call or order our free books - we are here to help."
Phillip Miller


Meet Attorney Phillip Miller

Phillip Miller is a nationally recognized attorney who specializes in representing people and families who have experienced serious, catastrophic injuries and death. He is certified as both a civil trial specialist and a pre-trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Mr. Miller has been recognized as one of the Best of the Bar by the Nashville Business Journal, as a Super Lawyer, is AV rated, and his firm has been designated as one of the pre-eminent law firms in the United States.

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